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Craft & Co

2-Week Sprint  •  Concept Brief  •  Solo Project

Bringing the joy of the in-store experience online through a live video chat function connecting users with in-store staff. 

O v e r v i e w



Create an eCommerce website for a neighbourhood arts shop Craft & Co. Their aim was to showcase their product range whilst still maintaining their ‘small shop’ appeal and quality customer service. The site had to cater for their key customer groups of local residents and small business owners.


User research, competitor analysis, card sorts, information architecture, persona, site map, user flow, mid-fidelity prototype and project presentation




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P r o c e s s

01. Understand the user

  • Conducted interviews to understand users needs and pain points when shopping online and buying art supplies

  • Learnt users want to see and feel art products before buying them so prefer to shop in store 

  • Compared the features of 5 competitors to better understand the arts and crafts industry 

  • Found competitors focus customer service efforts on email and telephone giving an opportunity to Craft & Co to enter the live chat space 

02. Identify the problem

  • Created a persona (Jane) based on interview insights to help me empathise with user needs

  • Jane represented the small business customer segment 

  • Defined a problem scenario centred around users wanting to experience art products before purchase

  • User scenario: Jane needs to buy a marker pen set for her art classes. She’d like to seek advice from an expert before she makes this purchase

03. Ideate solutions & test

  • Developed idea to connect users with in-store staff to seek advice via a live video chat function

  • Designed information architecture for the site based on results from card sorts

  • Created wireframes from low to mid-fidelity and tested usability on 5 users

  • Feedback and Iterations focused on making the live chat popup stand out on the product display page

O u t c o m e

Solution includes:

  • Full product purchasing journey from the homepage to the checkout process

  • Video call function where users can interact with in-store staff via video, chat or phone to seek advice and preview products

Solution aims to:

  • Help users ‘virtually’ try art products before buying

  • Allow Craft & Co to maintain quality customer service and their small shop appeal by bringing their store to life online

Watch a walk through of my final solution

PDP 2.png
PDP 1.png

My wireframes for the product detail page from low to mid-fidelity

C o n c l u s i o n

Key Learnings

  • Card sorting is a powerful exercise: I love card sorting! I think it would have been a useful tool to use in my previous e-Commerce roles. We based navigation decisions on business needs and neglected the user. I believe, if we had involved the user,  it would have resulted in more effective navigation systems

  • User interviews are challenging: I found asking non-leading questions tricky but it allowed me to learn more about users and gain insights that surprised me

Next Steps

  • Prioritise the development of small viewport wireframes as a growing number of users shop solely from mobile devices 

  • Continue to test wireframes on Craft & Co's core user groups of small business owners and local residents 

  • Refine the video chat function and guerrilla test it with users to get more feedback to iterate further

Recommended Reading

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