3-Week Sprint  •  Client Brief  •  Team of 4

Time to say goodbye to long onboarding journeys and hello to a streamlined profile completion process.

O v e r v i e w

Client & Brief


PitchMe is a skills based talent platform which reimagines the traditional CV. It showcases a candidate’s skillset before their professional background through the SmartMe Profile. 

They challenged us to: increase the profile completion rate by improving the overall user journey with a focus on onboarding and to review the look of the SmartMe Profile to improve engagement rate. 

My Role

During this project I conducted user research and usability tests. I was responsible for designing and iterating the progress bar functionality, creating the high fidelity prototype and developing the visual design. I also took on the role of facilitator which involved leading client meetings and design studio, delegating work and developing our client presentation.


User research, usability tests, competitor analysis, persona, customer journey map, user flow, high-fidelity prototype and client presentation




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P r o c e s s

01. Understand the user

  • Learnt from 8 interviews and 59 survey responses that users find the job search process tedious and boring. They find the repetitive nature of updating CVs frustrating

  • Conducted 8 usability tests of existing onboarding journey and observed users reactions and pain points to identify areas of improvement 

  • Users could complete the onboarding but struggled with cluttered page layouts and felt demotivated when they reached their profile and saw its strength was “weak”

  • Compared onboarding journeys of 5 competitors and leant the importance of progress bars, data transparency and page simplicity to motivate users

02. Identify the problem

  • Created a persona based on research insights to help us empathise with user needs

  • Persona (Camilla) is a career changer and is currently seeking her first job in UX design

  • Defined customer journey map to visually represent Camilla's current interactions and emotions towards the site

  • This map showed us that there were key user pain points with the core onboarding pages and SmartMe profile 

  • Problem statement: Camilla needs an intuitive onboarding process which communicates the value of the product so she feels that it's worth investing her time and energy. 

03. Ideate solutions & test

  • Facilitated a design studio with our client to co-design and ideate solutions to the users' problem 

  • From our research and design studio it was clear the solution has to encapsulate:  simplicity, clarity and control

  • Ran 5 rounds of usability tests with 18 users

  • Guerilla tested shorter and longer versions of sign up process and users unanimously preferred the shorter version which inspired final 1-step LinkedIn sign up which users loved

  • Tested a tour functionality to guide profile completion. Users like the interactivity but said they'd never use it so iterated the design to a progress bar

O u t c o m e

Redesigned SmartMe Profile: Skills Section

Profile_ Step 1 + Skills.png

Redesigned SmartMe Profile: Work Environment Section

Profile_ Work Environment + Results Driv

Solution includes:

  • Homepage redesign: Refined copy, new USP call out and job listing section

  • Signup page: 1 stage sign up process via LinkedIn

  • SmartMe Profile redesign: New tab navigation with "!" icon to represent incomplete sections, refreshed visual design and added explanation copy to sections

  • Progress bar: Informative progress bar guiding users to complete their profile

  • SmartTips: Post profile completion pop-ups to continue educating users about the product

1-click Linkedin sign up page

Sign Up Page.jpg

Example of SmartTip popup

Profile_ SmartTip 3.png

Solution aims to:

  • Improve onboarding completion rate by removing steps from existing journey and replacing with 1-step Linkedin sign up process 

  • Increase profile completion rate by educating and motivating users about profile completion and its benefits through the progress bar

  • Give the user autonomy over profile completion through tab navigation system on profile 

Watch a walk through of our final solution

C o n c l u s i o n

Key Learnings

  • When in doubt ask the user: You can spend hours agonising over functionality but your best critic is the user. In future, I will go to users sooner to validate ideas.

  • Your first idea isn’t always going to work: Despite my tour functionality not working out, it was empowering to be able to come up with a different solution which worked better for the user.

  • I love facilitating meetings and workshops: I’ve never had the opportunity to be a facilitator before but it’s something I really enjoy. I love sharing my enthusiasm and motivating others.

  • Develop the progress bar into a dashboard  to surface important information like profile views and application statuses once users have completed their profile

  • Continue to test high-fidelity prototype on PitchMe's core user groups to iron out any usability problems 

  • Build out the SmartTip popups post-profile completion journey to continue to teach users about the benefits of using PitchMe

Client Feedback

The PitchMe co-founder expressed how guided she felt by our team, which was a really positive experience. She said we had certainly taken her out of her comfort zone and was impressed by the organisation and initiative taken throughout the project. She was excited to start implementing our ideas.

Next Steps

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